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Efficient and reliable traffic management and control systems depend heavily on timely and accurate information from sensors along observed roads. Amending existing sensors for traffic surveillance and environment monitoring on today's road networks with intelligent and selforganizing video sensors is the subject of a project entitled "LOOK2".

Together with ASFINAG, the Austrian operator of motorways and expressways, efficient methods for sensing, notifying and processing of relevant changes in traffic flow on Austrian motorways are investigated and evaluated. "The two main goals of this case study are (i) to elaborate a self-organizing, multimedia-assisted traffic information system and to (ii) make the system more reliable by including feedback from the operators," the leader of the study, Roland Tusch, explains.

"Our method for reliably detecting stationary traffic under different weather and illumination conditions reaches a precision of more than 95% and can be executed with smart cameras in real time," says Felix Pletzer, pointing out the highlight of the system.

LOOK2 is not only a SOMA case study and research field; it is also a prototypic system that is integrated in ASFINAG's productive system environment. ASFINAG's traffic operators have already been evaluating and using the system for several months. The evaluation study concluded that the system considerably improves the operators' ability to publish more reliable traffic information in real-time for the observed road areas.


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