Media Coverage

The team members and research results of Lakeside Labs have been covered in various newspapers and magazines. A selection of articles is given as follows. Most articles are in German language.

Mar 2022 Hightech-Forscher schwärmen für Insekten Die Presse
Oct 2021 In the wake of Infineon: Carinthia tackles the chip industry Handelsblatt
Aug 2021 This is not a swarm MIT Technology Review
July 2020 Semiconductor production inspired by animal swarms Der Standard
Aug 2019 The master of drones Business Monat
May 2019 The Internet of Things is just a human Der Standard
Dec 2018 Ants as a model for technology Der Standard
Dec 2018 Into the future with robots Kleine Zeitung
Dec 2018 A plea for artistic freedom ORF Kärnten
Dec 2018 An interview with drone-passionate engineer Samira Hayat The Shift
Nov 2018 Swarms in industry Kleine Zeitung
Oct 2018 Scientific curiosity Forbes
Sep 2018 Being cordless above the clouds Die Presse
Dec 2017 Drones as delivery services eMove
Sep 2017 Austria’s first 5G test region to be established in Carinthia Futurezone
June 2017 Drones: From killing machines to healing machines Futurezone
Apr 2017 Wirelessly networked passengers Der Standard
Oct 2016 Never wait unnecessarily when the mountain calls Die Presse
Oct 2016 How to survey a forest? Die Presse
Jul 2016 Improving the eye of surgeons Die Presse
Jan 2016 When the mail arrives by drone Der Standard
Jan 2016 Wireless above the clouds Die Presse
July 2015 Fast overview with photos from drones Die Presse
May 2015 Private lessions for power lines and irons Der Standard
Feb 2015 Innovators and masterminds WIRED
June 2014 “I have always been a rebel” Der Standard
June 2014 Evolution of soccer oracles Der Standard
July 2013 Drones in peace missions Der Standard
July 2013 Smart network for factory halls Wirtschaftsblatt
Nov 2012 Car #1 to car #2 Der Standard
July 2011 Let’s do it like the ants Der Standard
Feb 2011 Nobody wants to call the sysadmin Der Standard

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