Projects and Funding

Ongoing Projects

Title Acronym Start End
Autonomous Robotic Inspection and Mainenance on Ship Hulls and Storage Tanks BugWright2 2020 2023
Integrated Mobility in Carinthia MobiCar 2020 2022
5G Playground Carinthia: Communication in Swarms Use Case Communication in Swarms 2019 2022
Präventive automatische Schadensmusteranalyse von Imperfektionen an Schienen für optimierte Instandhaltungsprozesse RailPrev 2019 2021
Swarm Intelligence Layer to Control Autonomous Agents SWILT 2018 2021
Dependable, Secure and Time-Aware Sensor Networks DeSSnet 2017 2020

Completed Projects

Title Acronym Start End
myStuff myStuff 2019 2020
Self-Sufficient UWB-based Industrial Sensor Networks UWB4Industry 2018 2019
CPSwarm CPSwarm 2017 2019
Mobile Communications and Multi-sensor Solution for Security and Risk Management in Open Land and Physical Protection WatchDog 2016 2019
Forest-Inventorying with Micro Aerial vehicles for autonomous Tree-parameter Estimation Forest
2016 2019
Knowledge & Information Sharing in Medical Expert Teams KISMET 2015 2018
Flexible multifunktionale Kommunikations- und Informationslösungen für eine optimierte Einsatzführung von Interventionskräften 4C4 First Responder 2014 2018
Adaptive Access Management for Cabin-based Transport Systems AMACAT 2015 2018
Reliable Wireless Sensor Networks for Aircraft Applications REWISE 2015 2018
Condition and Energy Monitoring with Wireless Sensor Networks for Harsh Industrial Environments OptiMon 2016 2017
Cooperation, Resource-Optimization and Self-Organization in Mobile, Mixed Reality Environments CROSMOS 2013 2015
Next Generation Video Browsing NGVB 2013 2015
Self-Organizing Intelligent Network of UAVs SINUS 2013 2015
Heterogeneity in Self-Organizing Network Synchronization HISONS 2012 2015
ICT solutions for energy saving in smart homes MONERGY 2012 2015
Smart Microgrid Lab Project Smart Microgrid 2012 2015
Self-Organizing Decision-Making Systems with Information Errors:
An Interdisciplinary Approach
SOSIE 2012 2015
Community of Domain Experts in Medical Multimedia Code MM 2012 2015
Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate in Interactive and Cognitive Environments ICE BOOSTER 2011 2015
Modeling and Engineering of Self-Organizing Networks MESON 2011 2014
Cooperative Relaying in Wireless Networks RELAY 2008 2014
Smart Resource-aware Multimedia Sensor Network for Automatic Detection of Complex Events SRSNET 2009 2012
Collaborative Microdrones CDRONES 2008 2012
Self-Organizing Multimedia Architecture SOMA 2008 2012
Technologietransfer via Prozess- und Methodenansatz für KMU im IKT Sektor Promt-ICT 2010 2011
Self-Organizing Slot Synchronization TRIPLE-S 2009 2011
Power Management for DC-DC Converters POWER DCDC 2008 2011
Cooperation between innovative SMEs, Lead Users and support organizations in the field of ICT TRI-ICT 2008 2011
Design Methods for Self-Organizing Systems DEMESOS 2009 2010

Lakeside Labs GmbH acknowledges base funding from the following organizations: